Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Enviro Friendy & Portable Hot Tubs

A great option for holiday home owners that want the fun and luxury of a spa but don't want the maintenance and cost hassles that come with one. Kiwitub is not a spa pool and it uses no chemicals, electricity, pumps, or plumbing. It runs on firewood, gas, or other fuels. It uses clean fresh water or sea water. Kiwitub fits up to six people and what's more it's very tough, comfortable and easy to transport
Kiwitub is designed to be filled and used as required and is also available with a timber surround or keep it as the green plastic and amongst clever planting you wouldn't even know it is there! Do remember to check with your local authority regarding the fencing requirements for pools and spas.


  1. This is a great idea for a portable spa. What a luxury to have up in the woods after a long hike in the mountains. Question is, how do you get it there?

  2. Hi. You would obviously need a vehicle to get it most of the way- or a helicopter if you are lucky but as quoted directly from the Kiwitub website "Use it at home, or use it in the mountains, on snow, beside rivers or lakes, on the beach, after surfing or the athletic event; take it away on holiday or take it round to friends for Saturday night. The tub can be lifted by two good Kiwi women, or rolled along by a child. It even floats. The burner can be carried by one person, and fits inside the tub for transporting or storage. The unit will readily transport on a trailer or ute."


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