Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Plants Galore

With the introduction of home maintenance focused chain stores over the past few years, the old fashioned type Garden Centre as we once knew it is now becoming hard to find. There is no better was to spend a peaceful weekend wandering through a garden setting and being able to browse the plants with the expert knowledge of real gardeners close at hand. Wanaka Garden Centre owners and operators Helen Brown and Graham Haslam (and I dare not forget Holly the Golden Lab!) offer just this very service with an excellent range of high quality plants and pots available along with a wealth of local knowledge. They are happy to order in plants that they don't have available at the time and are both enthusiastic and inspirational in the ideas that they have. So next time you are looking for the ideal Sunday drive location, be sure to visit the Wanaka Garden Centre at 555 Aubrey Rd, Wanaka. Phone 03 443 7846.

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