Monday, 16 March 2009

Vegetable Gardens

When looking to make your garden more sustainable, why not consider putting in a vegetable garden? It need not be huge or high maintenance and shouldn't need tucked away at the back of the garden. Raised timber planters make easy work and also look great. Avoid using treated timber as toxic chemicals can be absorbed thought the plants that you eat. In both of these examples, we used untreated macrocarpa timber.

Ideas from Ellerslie- My Favourites

Angie and I thought we should make the most of the Ellerslie Flower Show coming to the South Island so spent a day having a look around. There were some fantastic exhibitions to be seen as well as some exciting products. Well worth a visit to anyone that missed out this year. We will definitely be back to see what next year brings.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Encouraging kids to get down to earth

New Zealand company 'Seedling' has created some good old fashioned presents for those children who have everything or love getting outside. From growing your own vegetable garden to exploring for bugs and beetles, the range is exciting and something a little different.

'The seed for our company was planted in 2006 when we couldn't find a meaningful and inspiring gift for children who had plenty of mass produced toys that were played with for 10 mins and then discarded.

We yearned for a good old-fashioned experience that meant time shared, skills gained and something that kids could really dig their teeth into.

Since then Seedling NZ has grown to a small passionate team designing, developing and creating all our own products on a small farm in Whitford, Auckland.

We inject pure passion into our products allowing children to work with real materials and tools giving them a sense of mastery and achievement whilst having fun and engaging with adults.'

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