Friday, 17 April 2009

Native gardens

Native plants are often considered to lack colour in terms of autumn colours or flowers however, they can provide huge interest through foliage colour & have an amazing range of unique textures. By using native plants which would have naturally been found in an area, we can often reduce water use & encourage native birds & insects.
Incorporating native plants into your garden does not mean that you limit your palette to only native species. Native & exotic plants can be used successfully together to create an interesting garden all year round. Also, native plants do not necessarily need to be used in a naturalistic garden approach - they can be used within any style of garden, from hedging in formal gardens, to striking feature plants in a contemporary setting.
We use native plants a lot in gardens where the client requires low maintenance because most don't require much pruning, are evergreen and don't tend to die back in winter. Native plants look great with our local schist or river stone as a mulch which also can aid in achieving lower maintenance.

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