Friday, 22 May 2009


Courtyards are often created as the hub of the outdoor entertaining area. A well designed courtyard can become an extension of the house and essentially create an additional 'outdoor room'.
We often encourage people to have two courtyards to allow them to use the area most appropriate to the time of day or the time of year. Walls or hedges can be used to create a backdrop and define the courtyard space while also providing shelter and privacy.
Shade is a very important factor to consider in a courtyard and there are many options including; umbrellas, shade sails, trees and pergolas. Whatever you choose, the shade structure should complement the house style and materials.
BBQs are also an integral part of most kiwi courtyards. Consider having a defined place for the BBQ to park so that it is not just 'floating' in the courtyard or build the BBQ top into a bench.
A courtyard is like an interior room and similarly can be decorated to suit the house style and your taste. Consider colour on walls, outdoor fabric swabs & cushions, outdoor fires/heaters, and furniture such as bean bags and sofas. There are many options for the finishing of ground surfacing also such as; paving, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, gravels and decking.
Outdoor living is an important part of our lifestyle so it is worth putting an effort into planning this space as you would any room within your home.

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