Friday, 22 January 2010

Six Ways In Which We Make A Difference

We are continuously seeking and finding new ways to help our studio have less impact on our environment. These are some of the ways that we are doing this, but we would love to hear from you if you have more ideas that we can introduce to our business. Hopefully you find this list inspiring and use it in your own home and office - go on, we challenge you!
  • Rubbish Bins and Recycling. There are no longer rubbish bins inside our studio. To throw out rubbish one must walk outside, past the compost, shredder and re-use bins. We find that we now have very little rubbish now going to land-fill!
  • Bokashi. We have a small composting bin in the studio to take care of our food scraps and coffee grinds and we don't use the insinkerator.
  • Printing. We use 100% recycled paper in our new duplex printer (meaning that both sides of the paper are printed on). Where possible, we are providing our clients with electronic files for plans and invoices, reducing the need to print.
  • Shredder. We shred all paper but only once both sides are used (if approprate). This is then composted in Georgie's Worm Farm and ends up as garden mulch.
  • Hot Water. We have switched of the water cylinder as it is only required for washing hands. With the introduction of 'Natural Instinct' organic handwash and some antibacterial hand gel, we feel clean enough and our dish drawer keeps our dishes clean as required.
  • Heating. Our fantastic new studio is well insulated but when we feel the need for heat we use our heat pump on a timer system. In summer we use through drafts instead of the air conditioning, enjoying our beautiful Wanaka air.

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