Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chemical Free Pools

A client of mine a while back questioned me as to a natural pool system that relies on aquatic plants to help with the filtration of the water without chemicals being required and I have to admit I have never heard of it. I have now discovered that someone in little old NZ has introduced this concept which is very exciting!

The Natural Pool offers clean, chemical free swimming by combining a swimming area and a shallow planted water region - an area given over to aquatic plants which not only oxygenate the water but along with micro-organisms, act as living filters and organic cleansers, naturally and continually filtering the water through their root system.

These 2 areas are separated by a submerged barrier wall but the water still flows between the 2 regions. There is no need for chlorine or any harsh chemicals only the addition of a filter and circulation pump system.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ecological Outdoor Furniture

 I've just taken this information direct from Rebecca's Art and Design Blog as it says pretty much what we need to know!
"This is a design that we have been working on and off for the last three months. We wanted to do an outdoor table, purely because we like this timber called Vitex. Vitex is directly marketed against other hardwood timbers such as Kwila as is comes from a sustainable source. 
I like it as it ages gracefully in the elements and ends up a beautiful silver tone and refrains from giving you splinters. The design itself uses stainless steel hinges allowing the pieces to be folded down compacted for storage. The Vitex dose have a wonderful hard quality to it and has a life expectancy of approximately 40 years, mainly used in decking we look forward to using this ecological product more and more."

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rain Water Harvesting


This website is worth a look if you are considering harvesting rainwater for irrigation or household use. The systems provide safe solutions for the collection, storage and distribution of rain water.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

We've Updated Our Profile Page!

I've just finished updating the photos on the profile page of our website. This gives you a glimpse in to our studio- such a great place to work from!

Rambling Shade

We often get some fantastic comments from clients that see this photo in our photobooks so I thought I would share it! The simple idea of a black steel free standing pergola with a white wisteria providing the shade works really well in the fact that there is shade in summer but sun in winter when the wisteria has lost its leaves. The boldness of the pergola means that when it is not covered in leaves it still looks just as effective. Pergolas are also a great way to frame vistas in the garden.

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

I've just received some information on modular outdoor kitchens available in New Zealand, which looks very exciting! The EZI-scape modular system comes with 4 basic units, a BBQ module a sink unit module, a plain bench and a bench extension. Doors are in either stainless steel or cedar louvre and custom tiles are also an option. These modules look to provide a fantastic easy and workable option for creating that outdoor kitchen. I can't wait until I can find a client keen to give them a try.... Will keep you posted!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Blog to Watch

A group of four Lincoln University students have taken on the huge mission of creating an installation at the up and coming Ellerslie Flower Show. The blog is in its very early stages but should be an interesting one to keep an eye on. Good luck to the Four Play team!
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